Day 1: Chocolates at Zuka Choco-la made my evening

Who said only girls like chocolates. I am a die hard chocolate fan, so much so, that there was a time when I used to hoard all kinds of chocolates in my cup board. This was a decade ago when I lived in US. Luckily I had a room mate who shared the passion for chocolates. Of course, it was totally another thing that I had to protect my chocolates from him.

Anyway, I was ready to ditch the entire family and venture out on my own to check out Zuka-Choco la. Turns out that it started raining badly, and we were close to the area. So stepped in. I had imagined this place to be somewhat spacious, as I remember seeing trains, statues made of chocolates. I did not know that these are made only during occasions. It is such a tiny place and we were 12. I for sure thought my folks were gonna kill me. Thankfully, this is the place where we had most fun. The group was an eclectic one, with the senior most people touching nineties (grandparents) and the youngest at 9 (niece). However, if there is one thing that brings out the kid in everyone, it has to be chocolate.




We went on a rampage, picking up lot of things to have there and also we packed few. Service was excellent. We literally took hostage of the place even while lot of people were walking in to order cakes, buy chocolates. We spent a good 1.5 hours inside. My favourite were the chocolate spoons, pakoras, rainbow pastry and the hot chocolate drink. It was perfect for the rainy weather. It took a lot of effort to vacate this place.





This place is a must visit in Pondy and if you are a chocolate lover. How I wish Zuka is in Chennai. But then it gives a reason to drive to Pondy. And I also hope next time I get to see some of their creations. These are displayed in the LCD screen, but would be great to watch it in person. Prices are very reasonable. The spoon cost Rs 30/-, pakora Rs 35/-, some pastries around Rs 60 or Rs 70/-.

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