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I have seen Farmhouse in ECR many times, but never been to that place. And I had no idea it belonged to Savera, untill Brew Room opened in Farmhouse. So a bunch of us were invited to try a wide variety of their pizzas. It was definitely a pizza overload as I have never had a full pizza course meal in very very long time.


Brew Room is nestled inside a serene property where Farmhouse is also located. Since road construction was going on, it is quite easy to miss this place if you are coming from ECR tollgate towards Thiruvanmiyur. You will have to go little ahead and turn back into service lane to enter the place. While waiting for the owner, I went around for a mini walk. The Farmhouse restaurant looked beautiful from outside, with a small water cascade outside the restaurant. Patrons to Farmhouse could either sit indoors or choose to seat outdoors. Further inside, there is a spa also.

Brew Room itself is quite small with capacity to seat around 20-25 people inside. There is also dainty looking outdoor seating done in white hue. Since it was early evening and Chennai getting already warmed up, we chose to sit indoors.


As we were waiting, we were served cold coffees and hot coffees. I chose the hazelnut coffee as I love the flavour. Having a brew room aficionado with you is a major advantage, as you cannot go wrong with the orders. So yes, I absolutely liked the hazelnut coffee.


We were served a mix of both veg and non-veg pizzas. As always I will write in detail about veg pizzas. While I cannot comment about the non-veg pizzas, I have included the pics just for the benefit of meat lovers.

Quattro Formaggio: This is the ever popular 4 cheese pizza. I have been having this recently in few places and naturally expectations were high. We all liked this very much. Since, a couple of non-veg pizzas were served earlier, the oven was probably at the right temperature. We could see the difference in the way base was cooked. The non-veg pizzas served before these had overcooked crust. But the 4 cheese pizza base was perfect.

Pesto pizza (Popeye): I love anything that has pesto, be it pizza or pasta. So I was definitely looking forward to this a lot. Once again, the base was cooked perfectly and had ample pesto topping to keep a pesto lover happy.

Mexicano: This is a pizza with a Mexican twist, at least that is what was the attempt. This had kidney beans and corn. Somehow it missed the mark. Maybe it is that the kidney beans did not go well as a pizza topping. Nevertheless, a different attempt.

Buddha Garden (Vegan pizza): So vegan is everywhere and invades pizzas too. Not that I am complaining. Having tried a full fledged vegan meal at VeganeR recently, I was only excited to see how this would turn up. Not surprisingly it had guacamole as a topping. For pizza lovers, without cheese would amount to blasphemy. But not to me. I somehow liked the pizza, though I guess it would not suit everyone’s palate.

Non-veg Pizzas:

Barbecue chicken pizza, Roasted chicken pizza, Siciliana and Ligune.

Sandwich pizzas:

This is a twist or should I say hybrid between sandwich and pizza. Well, it is a good thought but did not deliver what it promised. Having said that I can understand it is not easy to cook this in the pizza oven. The outer crust was overburnt though the taste was good enough. There were both veg and non-veg versions in this. The second batch of non-veg sandwich pizza was done properly after our feedback on the overburnt curst. So we were served, veg delight sandwich pizza, chicken tikka sandwich pizza, and roast chicken sandwich pizza.

Since they had other patrons as well, there was some time gap between the arrival of pizzas. But yeah it is early days, and moreover with the experimentation around sandwich pizzas, the time delay was inevitable. But what cannot be missed is the right attitude to take the feedback earnetstly and rectified immediately.

There is a dearth for good cafes in this stretch of ECR and I really hope Brew Room fills up that void. The other Brew Room outlets in Savera and Besant Nagar are quite famous already, with regular patrons like director Gautham Menon, this place can fall back on the brand name already created. Besides the pizzas they have plenty of other stuff in their menu.


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