Papa Johns, Valentine’s Day special pizzas


I was recently invited to try the Valentine Day special pizza at Papa John’s. As ECR outlet is closest for me, I chose that.

Papa John’s has a Valentine Day offer on its special heart-shared Valentine’s day pizzas. For a limited period, one can avail combo offers on their much-loved Margherita and Chicken Pepperoni pizzas along with a surprise gift for every couple. Sink your teeth right into these 2 exciting offers:

  • Heart-shaped Margherita Pizza (Medium) + Pepsi + Surprise Gift @ Rs. 399 only

IMG_1887 (2)

  • Heart-shaped Chicken Pepperoni Pizza (Medium) + Pepsi + Surprise Gift @ Rs. 449 only




Being a vegetarian I tried the margherita pizza. Though it is the usual pizza with the only difference being the shape, what I liked was the consistency of the crust. When it comes to pizza I always choose a stand alone restaurant over the big chains as I prefer thin crust pizza. However, this time I liked the relatively lean crust and generous use of cheese. Liked it very much.

With regards to pepperoni pizza, wife tasted it and she said it tasted different but good. She has never tasted pork before, so I am sure it will cater to the non-veggies well, especially if you are someone who likes pepperoni.

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