Downtown Cafe – The new neighbourhood cafe

Wow factors: Downtown cafe has a relaxing feel to it, very good options in the menu to choose from, located right on the main road and hard to miss. 

Possible wow factors: Few dishes missed the mark and could be improved, we gave our feedback which was duly noted

My rating: 3.5/5

Location (4/5): Downtown Cafe is located just around the corner from Brew Room, at the beginning to Tiger Varadachari road opposite to State Bank. Refer Google Map for accurate location.

Ambiance (4/5): The restaurant is done beautifully in brown and wood has been used mostly, giving a very elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. There is seating both in ground as well first floor.

Parking (3/5): There is parking space available outside. On a crowded day with plenty of vehicles, it could be a challenge. However, the roads around has plenty of space for parking.

Cuisine (3.5/5): Good variety in the menu that a cafe can offer. It boasts of a mix of Italian, cafe and Burgers, plenty to quench your thirst on a hot day.

Pricing (3.5/5): Though I did not pay for the meal, had a look at the menu card for pricing. Definitely on par with competitors, and given the locale, I cannot imagine pricing to be any lower A meal for two should set you back by Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200. 

Service (N/A): Since this was an invite, care was taken and attention given to us, so cannot comment about it.

Reservation: Recommended

Will I go back here? Yes!

Downtown Cafe has always been on the cards for a visit, but somehow kept getting postponed. Finally, happened to visit this cafe recently as part of a bloggers meet organized by Muskaan. And a boisterous gang gathered to try the cafe’s various offerings. So here is what we tried and my experience.


We were served a large number of drinks as they left the choice to us. I chose Strawberry Iced Tea. The other drinks we ordered include, DT Special Smoothie, Hazelnut Frappe, Romantic Replay, Watermelon Ice Tea, Turkish Coffee, Cold Milo, Peach Lemon Ice Tea, Chocolate Ice coffee, and Blue Spot. 

Something about Strawberry always makes me go for it. This time it was no different. However, there was nothing great about it. In fact, the watermelon ice tea was far better and definitely best pick among the ice teas. I tasted a bit of everything, and my bet would be on DT Special smoothie and hazelnut frappe followed by chocolate ice coffee.


Waldorf: A simple salad with apple chunks and walnuts. Definitely not the best presented, a bit of salad bed or some lettuce leaves could have made it better. Somehow, it did not look complete to me. Nevertheless, tasted quite good.


Rice balls: This was highly recommended by a fellow diner who has been here few times and liked this dish. This was presented beautifully, and did not disappoint with its taste. It had pretty good cheese stuffing inside.

Quesadilla: This was perfect, with just the right amount of stuffing.

Main Course:

DT Signature pizza: Very good pizza with generous toppings and cheese, definitely loved by everyone.

Spaghetti Arabiatta: What was an otherwise great dish was slightly off the mark with bun as a side. We later learnt that they make the own buns in another facility and they have plenty of it. Classic garlic bread would do the trick here, we felt.

DT Flakes & Flames: Same as above, but for the bun, this is another great dish they served us.

Grilled Cottage Cheese burger: In the Indianized burger ecosystem, paneer is a must for veggie lovers. Whatever said and done, veggies are mostly happy with paneer in any dish. The same it is with paneer burgers, be it McDs, or any cafe. With a huge paneer chunk, the burger tasted right. My only qualm was the way it was presented in a box ala fast food which could have been avoided. In a cafe, I would definitely not like to see it in a box.

Veg Club Sandwich: Ample filling and tasted right with french fries served as sides.


Sizzler Brownie: Similar to what I have tasted elsewhere. A sizzling brownie and vanilla ice cream at top, an ever green combo.

Chikoo and Strawberry cream: Chikoo is only flavour I always love, maybe due to the huge tree at home. I could never have enough of it. I was absolutely bowled over by the taste. Strawberry another favourite flavour of mine, also tasted good. For a dessert lover like me this is a great way to round up the meal.

Chocolate crepe: Beautifully presented and clolurful, this is sure to be liked by all. The chocolate sauce drizzle at the top made it lovely.

Caramel pastry: This is one beautiful looking pastry, but tasted quite dense. I had this at the beginning since I arrived early. So skipped it in the end.

Waffles: I did not taste it and forgot to take the pic too. But the ones who had it did not think it was great.

Non-veg dishes:

I did not taste any of these, but providing the pics for the benefit of non-veggies. For detailed review of the non-veg dishes at Downtown cafe, please read this blog written by my friend Divya.

Overall, a decent cafe where you can spend some time with a book or with your friends over a cuppa.

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