Chamiers Cafe – A sinful and lavish indulgence


Wow factors: Chamiers Cafe has got a fantastic European style cafe ambiance, great collection of desserts, pretty neat service, all day dining with menu that would cater to both quick eats as well as business meetings and comfortable seating

Possible wow factors: There is really nothing I could find that they need to improve upon, possibly pricing might be on higher side and service can be slightly slow on a busy day.

My rating: 4/5

Location (4/5): Chamiers Cafe is located right next to Amma Nana on Chamiers Road. Refer Google Map for accurate location.

Ambiance (4/5): The restaurant is ensconced in a beautiful white building that also houses Anokhi, The Amethyst Room and gift shop. The cafe is located in first floor and bit of a winding walk leads you to the entrance.

Parking (4/5): There is plenty of parking space available outside. Though it is kinda filled always, and valet parking is available.

Cuisine (4.5/5): Comfortable cafe food which ranges from pancakes, waffles, salads, sandwiches, pastas, coffee, tea and some lip smacking desserts. 

Pricing (3.5/5): Pricing is definitely on the higher side given the uber posh locale such as Boat Club in the vicinity, one would expect the overheads to hit the roof. But given the exquisite desserts, I would not hesitate to indulge once in a while. A meal for two would make your wallet lighter by Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,500 at least. 

Service (3.5/5): Service was pretty good. We were seated on the lawn and yet it wasn’t difficult to summon someone. Though I have heard it could be slow during busier times.

Reservation: Recommended

Will I go back here? Yes!

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The restaurant is ensconced in a beautiful white building that also houses Anokhi, The Amethyst Room and gift shop. The cafe is located in first floor and bit of a winding walk leads you to the entrance. Along the wall as you climb, you can see some quirky cartoons, all in black and white exuding charm and looks splendid on the white background. Needless to say we took many photos at each step.


As we enter a bewitching aroma of coffee immediately hits the nostrils and there is no way you cannot fall in love with this place if you are a coffee lover. Once the aroma of coffee seeps in, immediately the wide array of desserts displayed captivates you. The eyes are automatically anchored to the 6 layered mousse cake aka Theo Broma. I don’t need another invitation, mind already decides this is what I am going to eat.

I went here twice. The first time, it was so crowded that we had to sit in the lawn outside. Since, it was February we did not feel the heat. Otherwise, best would be to sit indoors. I did not have to think much on my order. With Theo Broma already decided, I was deciding between cold and hot coffee. Eventually, gave in to the splendid aroma of hot coffee and chose to have a cappuccino. Definitely the best theobroma I have ever had. The cappuccino was perfect too.

The second time I visited with my colleague. This time I again ordered theo broma and hazelnut cappuccino to go with it. We polished off the theo broma in no time. I took my time to sip the cuppa slowly. Though the hazelnut flavour was subtle, yet enjoyed it every bit.

Others ordered Banoffee cream pie, blueberry cheesecake, and cold chocolate and banana shake. The banoffee pie was a unanimous hit. It was unlike any other banoffee pie I have ever had. We unanimously decided to come back to Chamiers Cafe solely for the banoffee pie.


Yes, pricing is definitely on the huger side. A slice of theo broma costs Rs 225/-, Blueberry cheesecake also costs Rs 225/-. But then given the posh locality and boat club in the vicinity it is expected. So it is a place perfect for indulging sinfully once in a while. Expect it to burn a meteoritic hole in your wallet. For 6 people and with few other items the bill came to Rs 2.1K including taxes and service charge.
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