How we saved 40% in a 5 star Resort

When my wife brought Kurumba Village Resort in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu to my notice, I did not have any second thoughts. Decided that this is the place where we would visit for our annual vacation. I went through the website, they have a cool 360 degree virtual view of the property. It was instant love for the place. Once the place was decided, we checked the reviews in Tripadvisor and the prices in various websites such as Make My Trip (MMT), GoIbibo, etc. We finalized on MMT due to exciting offers. I am usually not a discount hunter, in the sense I don’t spend too much time to save money and don’t mind paying the price if it is worth that amount. However, when MMT offered discount on a platter, I accepted it with both hands. 

Effective discount of ~40%

  • Room cost per night:          Rs 19,154
  • MMT Discount:                     Rs 3,500
  • Referral Bonus:                     Rs 4,500
  • Effective cost:                        Rs 11,154
  • Discount*:                              42%

How did we get this discount?

  • While checking in MMT app we noticed that it was giving us instant discount of Rs 3,500. Moreover, it also included Rs 1,500 that was there in the account as a referral bonus. 
  • So we decided to send out referrals to few more people. Voila, instantly it added Rs 3,000 more to the bonus account. Luckily, the entire amount was available for booking immediately. 
  • Nothing unethical/illegal here. Otherwise I would not have pursued it. We only took what was available and offered by MMT. 
  • Note that the amount that can be used from the bonus varies depending on the cost of the room per night. MMT automatically chooses how much can be deployed. Since 19k was quite high, it let us use the entire amount. Had the room cost been, say, Rs 9k, it would not have let us use the whole bonus amount. 

They have different categories of rooms such as 

  1. Cottage
  2. Suite and 
  3. Jacuzzi Suite

We opted for Jacuzzi Suite. There are only 2 (they are planning to add more), so gets sold out very fast. At close to Rs 20K per night, it sure does look expensive. But at a 40% discount, we felt it is a steal deal. 

We tried to book for the weekend, but they were sold out. We tried calling them to see if can book for the weekend we booked directly with them. Alas, they were completely sold out. Not wanting to miss the experience, we went ahead and booked for Fri to Saturday. For Saturday to Monday we had booked a different place in Ooty. 

*Note: The 42% discount will come down to ~21% if booked for two nights and will go down further when booked for more than 2 days. This is because the room cost would be close to Rs 38k but quantum of discount would remain same, and effective cost would have been Rs 30k. While not as attractive as 40% discount, I guess it is still a nice deal. 

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