Kurumba Village Resort: Experience heaven on earth

We were looking for a weekend getaway (well, an extended weekend). Conoor and Ooty were in the list. That is when wife brought Kurumba Village to my notice. No second thoughts, instantly mesmerized by the place, we decided this is it. When I say heaven on earth, I really mean it. We were transfixed by the beauty of the property, the serene location, hidden amongst tall trees right inside the forest. 

Unfortunately, they were booked for the weekend we were planning (Nov 11-13, 2016). We called them to check for any possibilities, but did not look like it. Undeterred, we kept checking everyday. As luck would have it, bookings were available every now and then. However it was available only for 1 day, not the whole weekend. Not to miss the chance,, we promptly booked for Fri to Saturday. And decided to stay elsewhere from Saturday onwards.

We booked the Jacuzzi suite in MMT and got a handsome discount of approx 40%  for 1 day from Nov 11th to 12th. We booed for a pickup from Coonoor station with the resort which costed us Rs 1,600. I felt it was better to book with Kurumba so that I did not have to worry about the route.

We were welcomed with a tilak and welcome drink. They showed us around the room and explained all features including tips on how to keep monkeys away from rooms. You need to inform them atleast 2 hours in advance if you want to use the jacuzzi. They were very helpful and even in the night, they did help us out filling the jacuzzi. Check at the end of the article for pro tip and other things to remember. 

Inside Kurubmba

Service was top notch. Everyone we met were very cordial and asked us if we had food. Being a 5* property it was expected, but still it was perfect. Apart from minor glitches such as no air freshner in the bathroom, few bulbs did not work, everything else was perfect. Food was amazing. I am usually wary of food in 5* properties. But here food was not only sumptuous but very very filling. We could not have asked for better. How we wish that we stayed bit longer to experience other features. We are definitely going back here.

Flora @ Kurumba:


Lunch: The first meal we had was lunch. There were variety of dishes, mostly Indian and more veg dishes than non-veg. I expected paneer and mushroom starters but could find only Gobi, kebab etc. Since we were quite early for lunch, we had only plenty of monkeys for company besides the service staff. It is quite a task to ward of monkeys (mostly done by the staff, but sometimes the monkeys give them a slip). However, the lunch was both scrumptious and filling. We had a nice stroll around the property before heading back to the room. 

Dinner: Our next meal was dinner which was equally heavy and sumptuous. The panner and mushroom starters appeared in the dinner menu. Since the light was very low, I skipped photos. What I did not expect was the huge spread. We expected dinner to be light. Oh yes, the monkeys are found aplenty and tougher to shoo them away given the low light. But they do not harm you, they are here for food. 

Dining Area: The property has lot of huge nutmeg trees. In fact, they use the nutmeg leaves to write the name of the dishes in the buffet area. 

Breakfast: Our final meal before we vacated was yet another heavy meal. Of all the meals, I liked the breakfast the most. An eclectic mix of continental and Indian food, quite a few cheese varieties, all locally made, mushrooms, waffles. We fell in love with the jams, favourite being the jack fruit, and peanut. 

Other Experiences available in Kurumba: There are a variety of things one can do inside Kurumba. Cave Dining definitely caught my attention. Since we stayed for only 1 day, we could not do this. They have something called “Wishneeering” which includes many exotic stuff from which you cah choose what you want to. For entire list, check their website

Overall, a fantastic property to stay if you like being pampered with great food, excellent service. There are few things to remember:

  • Carry cash with you. Since the property is inside jungle, the card machine does not work many times. We had to withdraw from an ATM in Ooty and give the cash to the driver. Please read about our experience on travelling on the day after demonetization. 
  • Pro tip for using Jacuzzi: Since they use LPG cylinder to heat up water, it takes about 90 minutes to fill the tub. So if you decide to use it, tell them well in advance. They are very helpful, and even at late in night, they helped us to get it up and running. 
  • Unless you are driving on your own, I think it is preferable to arrange pick up with Kurumba resort as it makes things easier. You do not have to worry about the route. 
  • The property is in the middle of a forest, so expect to live among animals. The most prominent one being our ancestors. They do not harm you, they look for food. If you are not comfortable or are afraid, you may not enjoy the stay. 
  • If you would like to avail of other experiences under “Wishneering” check with them in advance before booking rooms on what is possible to avoid any disappointments later on. 

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