Finding back my lost love

It was by serendipity that I realized my penchant for writing just about a decade ago. Blame it all on the GRE madness more than anything else. Those were the times I loved to show off my adeptness at using the so called “Big” words in English at complete ease just like one would flaunt a prized possession. I started my blog with great enthusiasm that was followed by few regular readers. This was in 2007, but due to a turbulent life that ensued I could not blog regularly. As that blog was buried deep in the virtual world, I found my found liking for food blogging. As I got more opportunities to eat out, I wrote about them all. However, due to health reasons I had to stop eating out much. As a result, this blog all of 1 year started to slow down. When I saw this opportunity in Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) thought it is now or never to resuscitate my blog. Luckily I was paired with a like minded person, Susan Deborah, who told me that she is not been blogging regularly off-late even though she loves to write. That stuck a chord with me immediately, I could see I was not alone. 

Susan pens her thoughts (meanderings and reflections) in her blog. She teaches English language and one of the earliest admins of CBC. We both decided that for this topic we would write about our love for writing and that we promised to write more often. As Susan aptly captured in her blog, sometimes we neglect the love of our life which could be your passion, spouse, etc due to various reasons. But there comes a time when we realize we cannot afford to neglect it anymore. That is exactly how I signed up for this initiative. Though the last few weeks have been very hectic with a family wedding, abroad travel officially, yet, this time I did not want to leave it for chance. Here I am, at 10.30 pm in Madrid, penning down my thoughts even though a busy day lies ahead of me and jet lagged heavily. If I can show this commitment to writing regularly, I would be very pleased with myself. 

Susan’s blog is an inspiration to me to write more this year. I have plans to write on different topics. So here is wishing both Susan and me, a wonderful year ahead to writing, finding our long lost love, rekindling it and nurturing our passion as we embark on this wonderful journey of blogging again. his post is an initiative of The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC), a group that I follow regularly but rarely participated. So thanks to CBC for this opportunity to blog. 

This post is written for the ‘love theme’ contest by The chennai bloggers club in association with woodooz and Indian Superheroes


One thought on “Finding back my lost love

  • February 21, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    All the best for our blogs and us! Writing is a great way to clear the mind of toxins. I think we should just work a bot more harder on this.

    Here’s to more writing this year!

    Joy always,


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